How Much Influence is Japan Having on the Gaming Industry?

Since the early years of the video game industry, Japan has had a significant role in shaping the sector's future outlook. Although they didn't create the very first game that hit the market back in 1962, there can be no doubts that the East Asian country influenced many of the releases that followed. So, let's take a look at how much of an impact Japan is continuing to have on the gaming industry.

Even after 40 years, Pac-Man remains one of the true iconic images of the gaming industry.

Even after 40 years, Pac-Man remains one of the true iconic images of the gaming industry.

Japan's Iconic Gaming Status

It is no secret that many of the gaming industry's most iconic franchises have originated from Japan. Dating back to 1980, Namco's Pac-Man has continued to, despite its visual aesthetics, influence contemporary gaming culture. Created by Japanese designer, Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man was the catalyst for growth in arcade gaming, with the title being the inspiration for modern-day developers exploring innovative new possibilities.

That said, Pac-Man wasn't the only Japanese icon to influence the very essence of 21st-century gaming, with The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog, to name just a few, being at the very core of the video game industry's earliest success stories.

Aside from specific characters and franchises, Japan has also been the home to some of the sector's most influential players in relation to game development companies. Having started out by conquering the arcade scene, Japan has since been able to adapt to social developments and expand their market influence in the next-generation era of gaming. Nintendo, Bandai Namco, and Sony are all based in Japan, and it's testament to the country's position in the global gaming market that each of them continue to shape the industry and produce much-loved titles.

Contemporary Influence

Despite falling behind China as the world's largest video game market, Japan continues to have an undeniable influence on numerous aspects of modern-day gaming. Looking back at the history of Japanese gaming companies, such as Nintendo, it becomes clear that elements of their earliest releases are closely-associated with real world-based devices. For example, throughout casinos across the globe, Pac-Man and Sonic themed slot machines have become popular. Moreover, this also illustrates how in-house gaming opportunities have been inspired by Japan's rich gaming history.

The characters of Super Mario are a highly and widely marketable aspect of gaming.

The characters of Super Mario are a highly and widely marketable aspect of gaming.

Because of the successful transitions that have occurred in relation to Japanese titles and in-house slot machines, online casinos have since been influenced by the East Asian country's gaming roots, with games such as Pac-Man Wild Edition showcasing Japan's impact on the iGaming market. As a result of their growing influence, there are now vaster numbers of digital operators that have Japanese sites, with CasinoWings providing a guide across a wide array of different casinos, each of which offer prospective users various sign-up bonuses.

An Undeniable Gaming Influence that Should Always be Appreciated

While there are no certainties as to how the world's global gaming market would have looked had it not been for Japan, it doesn't seem farfetched to suggest that the outlook would be considerably different without the country's influence. Having revolutionized both arcade games and digital slots, Japan's impact should never be understated, with their earlier developments being central to modern-day gaming.

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