How Should A Fish Enthusiast Prepare For A Trip To Japan?

Japanese people have historically always considered fishing as key to their way of life. The country offers a wide variety of fish in its waters and it enjoys its own bountiful seafood resources. In fact, fishing is a major source of food in Japan. You may hear of menu items like horse mackerel, albacore tuna, and cherry salmon in some Japanese restaurants. But if you are the type of person who enjoys "tsuri", or fishing as a hobby, you may want to visit the Kanto region, where you can see fish like these at any time.

Japan's extensive coastline offers a huge variety of fishing oppotunities.

Japan's extensive coastline offers a huge variety of fishing oppotunities.

All round the world people enjoy fishing, but not quite to the extent that Japanese people do. They have two reasons why they go fishing: the first group consider it a serious sport, while the second group view it as recreational pleasure. For people who do fishing as a sport, the fish that they catch will be released again into the water, as the purpose of the sport is not to catch and eat.

However, for recreational fishing, fishermen can bring home the fish they catch, while some anglers sell them. That's why when you get to Japan you will see a lot of koi fish for sale everywhere. Fishing in Japan is almost free, you just have to pay the entrance fee or licensing fee and you're good to go. That's one reason why foreigners always enjoy Japan as a place to hunt for exciting places to fish, although finding a spot that is foreigner-friendly can be tricky.

So here are some of the things you need to prepare for an incredible fishing trip to Japan.

Things to Bring

The great thing about going fishing in Japan is that you can rent almost everything you need. Fishing areas in Japan offer angler enthusiasts the chance to lease fishing gear for all kinds of fishing experience, from shore-based to fishing on-board a boat. All you really need is your determination and adventurous spirit. Prices for boat fishing depend on the kind of fishing you are planning to do and how long you're going to use it.

If you have your own fishing rod and reel and prefer to use it, feel free to bring it along with you. Having familiar gear can really help you to excel and become familiar with figuring out new water - water in the Pacific Ocean is especially challenging. And if you are someone who's looking for a more extreme kind of fishing, you may bring along your ocean flying fishing setup.

Japan also has hundreds of river and lake fishing spots.

Japan also has hundreds of river and lake fishing spots.

Kinds of Fish to Catch

The amazing thing about fishing is that you never know what's beneath the surface of the water. It could be the famous sea bass or a monster tuna. Like the popular saying goes, the sky's the limit. This also applies to the sea, and the waters of Japan are no exception when it comes to ocean diversity.

No matter what kind of fish you expect to catch, they are all worth the effort of traveling many miles to have the chance to catch them. There are no winners or losers when it comes to fishing. It also doesn't matter whether you're fishing from the shore of an island or floating on the open ocean, the fishing experience in Japan is sure to be an unforgettable one.

What To Do Next

Once you've got your bucket full of fish, you have few options with regard to what to do with them. First, you can release them back to the ocean. This is the common thing most anglers do, and is currently one of the popular fishing trends. And most Japanese people would appreciate it, as of course will the fish! Otherwise, if you want to eat your freshly caught fish, you'll find local people nearby who are more than willing to help you clean the fish and get it ready for cooking.

After all, eating something that you've caught yourself after spending a day on the ocean is an experience you won't want to miss.

With so many diverse waters to choose from, Japan is undoubtedly one of the world's best places to go fishing. It's not just because the country is surrounded by beautiful waters, but it is also gifted with a great variety of species of fish. That makes every catch on the hook very rewarding.

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