Why You Should Get Yourself A Japanese Sobakawa Pillow

August 2021

If you have a pillow that feels fluffy and flat, there's a high chance it's not offering you the support you need while you sleep. High-quality sleep is essential for your overall wellbeing and day-to-day tasks. While exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet are crucial aspects of healthy living, you won't get the best results if you sleep uncomfortably or are routinely deprived of sleep.

During sleep, the body gets a chance to replenish lost energy and repair damaged tissues and muscles so you can accomplish your tasks the following day. Though most people are aware of a mattress's impact on their sleep quality, very few know that their pillows are equally important. The pillow you use each night determines how comfortable you are when you sleep.

The Japanese word sobakawa means the husks of buckwheat, traditionally used to fill pillows.

The Japanese word sobakawa means the husks of buckwheat, traditionally used to fill pillows.

To experience quality sleep, you can try replacing your regular pillow with a Sobakawa pillow. The Japanese have been using the Sobakawa pillow for hundreds of years. Today, these pillows have become popular across the globe as people in different countries become aware of the benefits they offer.

Made using buckwheat hulls, Japanese Sobakawa pillows offer plenty of benefits to users. Though often described as springy, the cushions provide the necessary fitness and support to the neck and head.

What Is Buckwheat?

With its origin in Asia, buckwheat is a grain that's very similar to seeds. The seed grows inside a husk, also known as a hull, that protects it until it matures. Once it's fully grown, the seeds are considered a fruit, making them edible. For centuries now, Asians have consumed buckwheat grains and fed them to their domesticated animals.

Harvesting buckwheat seeds involves removing them from the husks, which aren't edible. Rather than throwing them away, the husks are put to other uses, the common one being filling mattresses and pillows. Currently, buckwheat is cultivated across the world for its husks and nutritional benefits.

Buckwheat, or soba in Japanese, is a versatile grain that's also widely used for making noodles.

Buckwheat, or soba in Japanese, is a versatile grain that's also widely used for making noodles.

Reasons To Get A Japanese Sobakawa Pillow

Pillow companies have included the unique benefits of buckwheat hulls in their offers, boosting their popularity and making them readily available far and wide. The hulls are cleaned and placed in material casings made from natural fiber, like silk and cotton, to make pillows. Often, the pillow casings are adjustable to allow users to remove, add, or refresh the hulls.

Here are more reasons to do so:

  1. Versatile And Comfortable
    Sobakawa pillows are made from organic cotton and have a soft, breathable cover that makes them extremely comfortable to sleep on. In addition to sleeping, there are other things you can do with Japanese pillows.

    Since they’re soft, as well as easy to mold and fold, this makes them easy to customize into varying shapes, depending on an individual's needs. Hence, the versatility of a Japanese pillow makes them useful in different settings as long as you find a size that matches your needs.

    Additionally, they come in varying sizes, giving you a range of choices to pick from based on your preference. For instance, you can use the small sized-buckwheat pillow to support your wrists when you're working on the computer. Their adjustable and flexible nature makes them ideal for resting shoulders and supporting the back as you work in the office, too.

    Moreover, since they come in different shapes, you can find an ideal one to support your back when you're taking a long drive. Although the Sobakawa pillows are naturally soft, they’re very stable. Unlike standard pillows, this type of pillow will evenly distribute your overall weight to prevent pain from pressure points, giving you a pleasant sleep experience.

  2. Allergy-Free
    When you go to sleep, you'll stay in contact with your pillow for many hours. But this isn’t the case if you're prone to allergies triggered by either dust, latex, or polyurethane. Standard pillows get exposed to harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, which causes irritation and allergic reactions.

    Since Sobakawa pillows are made from natural materials that are healthy and safe, this means they're hypoallergic and resistant to dust mites. Also, they don't have the pungent odor that's characteristic of pillows that are made from artificial materials. Additionally, since they're made from purely organic materials, buckwheat hulls pillows have a good smell and are free of compounds that attract bugs.

    Japanese Sobakawa pillows are also less likely to accommodate allergens. Buckwheat hulls come in cupped and triangular shapes that produce tiny air pockets that allow for good airflow, keeping allergens at bay. The hulls of a Japanese pillow also offer resistance against dust mites, making them hypoallergic. However, people who are allergic to certain plants should consult their healthcare provider before getting a Sobakawa pillow.

  3. High Durability
    While buckwheat pillows cost more than standard pillows, their durability outweighs the cost because they're designed to last for a long time. The durability of these pillows is due to the natural sturdiness of buckwheat hulls. With proper maintenance and optimal care, a Japanese pillow may last for ten years.

    This is mostly determined by the quality of the buckwheat hulls since they can break over time. To secure the hulls and extend their life span, get a sturdy pillowcase with well-sewn seams and rugged zippers. This is important since buckwheat hulls are heavy and need to be appropriately secured with quality material. If you get a zippered pillow, consider regularly adding or replacing the buckwheat hulls to retain their structure.

    Buying a Japanese Sobakawa pillow from a legitimate seller ensures that you get a premium pillow. The easiest way to tell that you're getting a high-quality pillow is to check the outer casing. Premium Sobakawa pillows come with thick casings that securely carry the hulls. Take a look at this video to see how a premium Japanese Sobakawa Pillow is made and how it looks

  4. Quality Sleep
    When you don't have the proper support, you'll struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position. Some people will try to sleep on their stomach or the back, resulting in back and shoulder pain. Sobakawa pillows help users solve this sleeping problem.

    The pad adjusts to your body shape and posture by filling the space between the neck arch and the head. Getting the correct sleeping posture improves the quality of your sleep because your airways remain open, which significantly reduces snoring.

    Sobakawa pillows also enhance sleep quality by regulating temperatures. Uncontrollable temperature is one of the reasons that most people experience difficulties sleeping at night. When the room is too cold or too hot, it can be challenging to relax and fall asleep without tossing and turning. The situation is worse when you're using a regular synthetic pillow that often gets hot and sticky. This is where Japanese Sobakawa pillows come in handy.

    The buckwheat hulls inside the pillows allow the air to circulate inside the pad because they're not compact. This keeps the temperature from rising, and the moisture from sweat isn't retained. This causes buckwheat hulls to have a cooling effect on the pillow, which is particularly helpful in aiding sleep during the summer.

    If you prefer a much cooler feel, consider placing the buckwheat hulls in the freezer to make them colder. When you put them back in the casing, the pillow's surface will be cooler and you can sleep comfortably through the night. The opposite is also true. If you're facing a chilly night and need a warm feel on the pillow's surface, heat the hulls in a microwave.

  5. Better Muscle Support
    If you've been waking up with neck or back pains in the morning, it could be due to a poor sleeping posture. When your sleeping posture is incorrect, the ligaments and muscles on your neck and head become stressed.

    Japanese Sobakawa pillows offer your muscles the support they need for a good night's sleep. When you rest your head on a buckwheat pillow, the hulls contour both into your neck and head, ensuring that your sleeping posture is correct. When you use a Sobakawa pillow, you experience a smooth collaboration between the tissues and muscles in the upper body.

    This allows for proper spine alignment, which prevents body posture issues. Further, the pillow is highly malleable, which offers your body the cervical alignment it needs so you can have relaxed, uninterrupted sleep. Whether you sleep on the side or on your back, a Japanese pillow will offer you the comfort you crave.

  6. Supports Different Sleeping Positions
    Sleeping positions have a significant impact on how relaxed and comfortable you are when you go to bed. While no sleeping position is better than any other, most people feel comfortable sleeping in the fetal position. Side, stomach, and back positions are also common.

    Whatever sleeping position you find comfortable, buckwheat pillows are versatile enough to support your body, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Since Japanese pillows are flexible and adjustable enough, the weight is distributed evenly to give you a natural position during sleep. If you sleep on your back, for instance, the buckwheat hulls fill the area below the neck to support the back muscles, preventing muscle strains.

  7. Relieves Migraines
    Migraines are excruciating and uncomfortable. When you have a migraine, you'll find it difficult to sleep. The pulsating sensations and throbbing pains that characterize migraines make them hard to ignore. Where treatment isn't available, migraines can result in vomiting, nausea, and high sensitivity to lights and sounds.

    Using a buckwheat hull pillow can relieve pains related to migraines. The malleability of these pillows provides the support your soft tissues and airways need while offering support to critical points of the neck and skull. By targeting the pressure points, Japanese pillows improve blood flow to the head, which aids in relieving migraine headaches.

One of the great things about sobakawa pillows is they can easily be refilled.

One of the great things about sobakawa pillows is they can easily be refilled.

Aligning Your Body With Japanese Pillows

Even with a good pillow, you need to learn to use it properly to enjoy the seven benefits discussed above. You'll need a cushion in varying positions and places based on how you sleep. If you're a back sleeper, consider getting two pillows–one for your head and a small one for cushioning your knees. Placing a small Sobakawa pillow below your knees helps reduce stress on the spine and supports the natural curve of your lower back.

If you're a stomach sleeper, opt for a pillow that's thin or flat to reduce spine misalignment. Side sleepers need to ensure that the upper leg doesn't misalign the spine or stress the lower back and the hips. Get an additional Japanese pillow and place it between the knees as you sleep to prevent this from happening. If you need to, place another small pillow below the waist for extra support.

Ensure that every gap between the mattress and your body is filled with a pillow for quality sleep. When turning, avoid bending or twisting your waist. Instead, move your entire body as a unit. Also, bend your knees towards your chest and pull your tummy in as you roll.

Final Thoughts

Japanese Sobakawa pillows are a great pick for anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality or add extra comfort to their work or travel environment. Made using buckwheat hulls, these sturdy pillows are available in varying sizes.

If you decide to shift from a regular pillow to the Sobakawa pillow, you'll need a few days to adjust and get used to using a hull-filled pillow. However, this inconvenience is worth it when you consider the benefits that come with sleeping on a Japanese pillow. If you've been experiencing neck and back pains, sleeping on a Sobakawa pillow will align your body frame naturally. In just a few days of sleeping on this pillow, the pain and fatigue you're accustomed to will be a thing of the past. This is just one reason why you should use a Japanese pillow.

To enjoy the other benefits discussed above, consider getting yourself a Sobakawa pillow. You may need to get several pieces of varying sizes depending on how you sleep. Ideally, every part of your body that's not in contact with the mattress should be cushioned with a pillow.

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