The Best Casino Games From Japan

October 19 2021

It might not seem like that much of a surprise, but Japanese influence has truly started to become a fixture of western society. Whether it is the ubiquity of Japanese video games and anime, or even people taking notice of Japanese history and culture, aspects of life in the Far East have begun to influence any number of pastimes. Things are no different in the world of casinos and gambling, where the influence of Japan is there for all to see.

Though a relatively simple game, pachinko generates profits of 30 trillion yen a year.

Though a relatively simple game, pachinko generates profits of 30 trillion yen a year.

Just slot in and enjoy

When thinking of the most popular casino games from Japan, you need look no further than slot machines. As is prevalent in western culture, slots are some of the easiest types of games to get into. There are so many different types, ranging from multipliers, single slots, and even video play machines. With so much variety, it is understandable that so many people take an interest, especially with it all be so easily accessible.

They even made their way into video games, with the Pokemon games, in particular, using game corners as a key plot point, until western gambling laws, unfortunately, forced an adjustment. Despite this, they remain one of the most sought out games across Japan.

Don't forget about Pachinko

Pachinko, the behemoth of Japanese gaming, is probably the most commonly played casino game nationally. With origins firmly entrenched in pinball, Pachinko easily dwarfs any other game in Japan, generating more than 30 trillion yen in profit each year. Such is the popularity of the game.

To any outsider or gaijin (foreigner), it is likely to provide one of the most uniquely Japanese experiences that you are likely to find. Row upon row of people sit rigid in front of these upright pinball machines, watching the balls tumble from the top in the hope of securing a win but helpless to control them. With the latest anime segments playing in the middle of the screen whilst players hope to secure big prizes, the game has come a long way since it was first introduced in a mechanized form in the 1940s. Nowadays, thousands of people play, and these games are entirely legal thanks to a loophole in Japanese gambling laws.

It's all gone online

It is not just in the casinos or on the street that these games are played, as it is also possible to play to your heart's content online. With Japanese gambling laws now seemingly getting a little bit more lenient, it is little surprise to see these games taking off with a bang. You will see some of your old favorites appearing online, whilst there is also the opportunity to explore some variations, should they pique your interest. As with many online casinos, they excel with the variety on show, and who knows, you might become a slot lover without too much trouble.

Games of chance

Much like in the west, many Japanese gamers have a particular interest in roulette, mainly down to how it solely relies on being a matter of chance. Whereas the likes of poker and slots do have elements of skill and precision linked to them, roulette is structured in such a way that anyone can take part. Simply put, you are either lucky or not. There is no grey area. This can act as a way of turning the excitement up a notch and providing a sense of achievement that can't really be replicated in other parlor games.

Think Baccarat

Last but by no means least, it would be remiss to speak about gambling in Japan without thinking about Baccarat. With the game appearing in a number of western films, not least as a particular favorite of James Bond, it has surged in popularity in recent years, with the internet also having a significant impact.

As a staple of online casinos, it stands out as one of the easiest games for new players to get into as they don't have to learn too many rules and can essentially sit down and play after a short period of time. Whether they are experienced or not doesn't matter as the average house edge of 1.2 percent essentially levels the playing field and means more people stand a chance of winning. Naturally, this will increase interest, which is unsurprising.

Because these games are becoming ever more accessible, it is little surprise that gambling laws are starting to become a little bit more relaxed across Japan, although there are still regulations around games that see large amounts of cash change hands. However, thanks to the internet, the popularity of these games is only likely to grow further, and eventually, Japan's gambling industry might come to rival even the USA and Las Vegas.

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